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You think you have been stressed before.

Well get ready to put your big girls and boys pants on, because you are going to need them ,

Everyone says “it’s going to be emotional, but just suck it up and you will be fine”.

If these well doers haven’t been through a divorce, and they don’t know how to spell divorce, who are they to give you advice?


Good friends don’t need to be giving advice. They just “ need to get a job” in many cases.

Family members, “we’ve been married for 40 years so let us tell you how this divorce thing works”.(sound familiar?).

Co-workers, “Take it from me ole pal, it’s the greatest thing since baked bread.. Just ignore that crying and mashing of teeth. It’s just me being so happy”.

Lawyers, ”Everyone should get a divorce and we are the ones to make it work just for you, I’ve been married 3 times, so I know the process and what’s needed, .remember it’s nothing that $10,000 and a year or so won’t solve. Just sign here”.

MediatorsSpend a few minutes with us and see if there isn’t a better way.

Nation wide 73% of situations we work with end in favorable outcomes for both parties.

Most agreements are settled in 3 hours or less and cost less than $1,000.

The agreement can be binding if both parties come together and then submit the agreement to the court for approval by a Judge.

Even situations involving children can be mediated privately and approved by a Judge upon submission..

As mediators we are certified to conduct totally unbiased guidance toward a resolution. We do not take sides and do not offer legal advice.

Call, text or email us and see if we can help you through this traumatizing time in your life.

Karen Williamson




The only reason people end up in courts is that they cannot come to an agreement with one another. The vast majority (about 95%) of all disputes are settled outside court. This is an encouraging statistic.

The other 5% are the ones that keep the Court System working overtime.

It’s that 5% that tend to go back to court repeatedly. It’s usually over frivolous issues that can be solved if both parties would make the choice to respond to the situation in a rational manner. It has been our experience when working with clients that the underlying issue with others who are going back to court is the need to get even with the other person. (spouse).

There is either the spouse who refuses to follow through on an agreement in an attempt to get back at their ex-spouse or the spouse who withholds child visitation in a attempt to get back. They use the Court System to keep from having to deal with each other and to keep from having to accept responsibility for the role they play in the ongoing conflict with their ex-spouse.

In other words, they keep a legal system backlogged because they have emotional issues that need to be dealt with. So here is some advice, if your ex or someone with whom you have a disagreement with pushes your buttons emotionally , get a mediator, not an attorney. (portions above from ferrantraite/getty images)

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