The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you really want a divorce. We’re not suggesting that if your marriage isn’t that bad, you might as well hang in there. No, we suggest that if you are hesitating or considering divorce because you and your spouse are angry with each other after you […]


You think you have been stressed before. Well get ready to put your big girls and boys pants on, because you are going to need them , Everyone says “it’s going to be emotional, but just suck it up and you will be fine”. If these well doers haven’t been through a divorce, and they […]

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If you or your family is in need of an amicable solution to your divorce, child custody, contact Karen for a free consultation. Karen began in the funeral business in 1982. Working with families at a stressful time in their lives both emotionally and financially, has awarded Karen the personal knowledge of disputes and how […]